How Nigerian Ladies Are Eating Up Entire Salaries Of Boyfriends In Nigeria

There is a popular saying that there is no romance without finance in
Nigeria, leaving several matured men to grab their pillows all thorugh
the night due to their inability to run a relationship with the
opposite s*x.
A report shows how it is expensive to manage the financial affairs of
a lady in the country, in the face of a dwindling economy and country
which has become the poverty capital of the world ahead of India.Joro
Olumofin who is a relationship expert and self-acclaimed love doctor
has this to say:
The Average salary of a Nigerian man with Bsc & Msc is N120,000 a
month. Is this enough to maintain a relationship?
Based on Direct Observations and Psychometrics men complain that
ladies are not bringing a lot to the relationship to support their
income in dating & courtship.
Here are a list of things that most girlfriends demand from their
boyfriends with his N120,000 Salary
1�. Monthly Hair & Beauty maintenance - N30,000
2. Monthly Outings (Cinema, Clubbing, Restaurants). -N25,000
3. Data & Airtime - N12,000
4�. Monthly Allowance - N25,000
5. Miscellaneous- N30,000
This sums up to N122,000 which is more than most bachelors salaries.
It's sad that N120,000 a month is not Enough to maintain a girlfriend.